Eqsharing – Milano –

EQ Sharing is the first totally electric car sharing service in Milan. With EQ Sharing you can take and electric quad in one of the new Digital Areas and leaving it in onether one. You do not drive with other people, but you use an ecological vehicle on your own, without the worries of buying one.

EQ Sharing users knows that a parked car is a wasted car: it’s just better to have it moving, so we can reduce costs, time, traffic and pollution. EQ Sharing is practical and easy, and well connected with public transport beacuse all Digital Areas are placed near main transport junctions.

Using EQ Sharing is easy: you just need a subscription to drive when you want and where you want, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our electric quads have an autonomy of about 40 kilometers, are licensed for two persons and can pass through Area C, controlled traffic zones (ZTL). You are not allowed to go through fast tracks. You can park them for free in blue and yellow stripes places.

You just pay the time you use the quad. Forget about problem parking: you have always a free park place in Digital Areas! Now you can move in Milan by car… without having to buy one! No insurance, no taxes, no maintenance, no oil!



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