‘We own the city’

Enabling Community practice in architecture and urban planning In 2014 CITIES Foundation published a magazine about “Enabling Community Practice in Architecture and Urban Planning”. It covers some interesting case studies in Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Moscow, New York and Taipei. Worth a read if you have the time. Check out this preview on ISSUU

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Wasted Laboratory

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Two-stroke scooters are a dominant source of air pollution in many cities

A study by European researchers has found that two-stroke (2S) scooters, although constituting a small fraction of the fleet, can dominate urban vehicular pollution through organic aerosol and aromatic emission factors up to thousands of times higher than from other vehicle classes.

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This Eco Food Delivery Service Focuses on Local Business Relationships

Based in Amsterdam, this Dutch eco food delivery service brings groceries from farmers markets on sustainable e-trikes. FOODLOGICA uses solar powered electronic tricycles for the ‘last mile’ of food transportation. The service is focused on bringing produce from urban farmers markets to local catering businesses, in particular. Developed by Cities magazine, the FOODLOGICA initiative aims […]

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