Thursday 28th January – Wednesday 10th February 2016: Costa Rica – Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa is located on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica on the southern tip of the Nicoya peninsula. Extending for approximately 6 km it has grown quite quickly in the last few years with people coming from all corners of the world, some settled and transformed this little fishing village into one of Costa Rica’s trendiest destinations.

Established in 1963, the Cabo Blanco National Park, is a rich tropical forest with diverse wildlife: white face capuchin, howler monkey, armadillo, squirrel, white-tailed deer, coati, raccoon, opossum, green and black iguana, tayra, bat, porcupine, paca, margay, peccary, northern tamandua, skunk, coyote, agouti.

Among the many birds are woodpecker, white-threaded magpie-jai, bare-throated tiger heron, crested caracara, white fronted parrot, black-headed trogon, turquoise-bowed mot mot, long tailed manakin, magpie jay, cattle egret, chachalaca, ringed kingfisher and sulphur-winged parakeet.

The whole coastline is ideal for surfing with waves for the beginner to the fearless pro, year round. If you are learning there are many gentle beach breaks from Playa Carmen to Santa Teresa and north. When it gets big experienced surfers will look for point breaks like Suck Rock and Sunset reef.

Learning to surf is a wonderfull experience expecially if guided by an experienced surf teacher.

For that we’ll stay with Griss’s friends! They have the best surf school in Santa Teresa to make sure you rapidly succed in catching your first wave. Lessons are available both for beginners and for advanced surfers, in English, Spanish and Italian.

Don’t worry if surfing isn’t your passion, we organize different activities: horseriding, canopy, yoga and escursion to Tortuga Island.

For any details send an e-mail or text on whatsapp. Prices can variate depending on the required service.

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