Friday 27th March – Sunday 5th April 2015: Indonesia – Bangka Island

What a great experience have a good time with our friends biologist in one of the places with the greatest biodiversity in the world!
Coral Eye is a small company operating in North Sulawesi, Indonesia, as an outpost for marine research.
The concept of Coral Eye comes into life in 2009, from the ideas and dreams of four people whose paths were unintentionally entwined under the Indonesian sea and bonded by a love for nature and a common goal.
The original idea was to create a place where students and researchers could find everything needed to develop their projects within a simple place where communication and ideas were exchanged.
Over time Coral Eye has grown and developed, becoming a centre for study of tropical marine environment, a laboratory, a meeting place for experts of the subject but also a place for simply sea loving travelers and divers.

With that travel we would like to give the possibility to be part of an exclusive environment where local people (islanders) shared their knowledge with professional biologists about corals repopulation, diving spots and marine research. we’ll dive in rare places submerged, we’ll take part of a marine biology workshop and we’ll make mysterious excursions by boat.

For any details send an e-mail or text on whatsapp. Prices can variate depending on the required service.

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